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Boise Roof Replacement Cost Meridian Asphalt Shingles Price Per Square Ft


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Roof Replacement Cost in Boise Meridian 

A big investment for your Idaho home is roof replacement and knowing the amount is crucial for budgeting. The cost of roof replacement in Boise ranges from $4700 to $17,000.

Most homeowners spend around $11,700 for a 2,000 square foot shingle roof with a life-time warranty.

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Size, shape and pitch factors

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Home Asphalt Shingle Savings

Can I save and do it myself?

DIYing an asphalt shingle roof can cost 50% less than a professional contractor. But it will cost you in headaches and Advil. And beware falls from home roofs account for 84% of deaths in the roofing industry. cite

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Roofing Materials Average Cost Per Sq Foot

Your roof material has a significant impact on roofing cost per square foot. Here are some average prices:

Asphalt Shingles 3 Tab

 Architectural shingles

 Wood shakes


 Slate Tiles

*cedar roofing
Type Cost/Square foot
Ashpalt shingles $3 – $4
Architectural shingles $5 – $8
Metal $7 – $13
Wood shakes* $4 - $8
Slate tiles $14 - $27

BONUS: Check for available state rebates or tax credits when you install energy-efficient shingles.

parts of roof

Complex roof designs increase material costs and labor

Size, Shape & Pitch Factors

The size and shape of your roof affects your amount charged. Larger roofs and unique designs require more materials and time.

In roofing, pitch is the angle of the roof. Steeper roofs require specialized installation and additional safety measures, leading to higher estimates.

Contractor Quality & Warranty

A Boise roofer with more years experience or certified by the manufacturer will charge more. But you get the extra peace of mind the roof replacement will be done right.

PRO TIP: Choose the highest quality roof you can afford,  but don't over-extend your budget.

Your home is your castle, protect it. 

Fifty year guaranties and extended warranties raise roof pricing but are worth it because you are covered.

Be sure to buy the warranty from the shingle manufacturer. If the contractor retires, you still have a warranty covering your roof purchase.

Second Mortgage & Refinane Loans

When your home insurance will not cover roofing replacement, talking with a bank can be scary.  

But your mortgage lender has a sincere interest in helping you. They want to keep your house in great shape. If you don't replace your roof, the bank loses too.

See how to pay for a roof

Hidden Damage or Needs Repair?

The older the roof, the more likely it is to require additional structural repair. A quality contractor will check your attic for rotting wood, hidden leaks, or damaged rafters.

PRO TIP: Sometimes shingles can be installed over the old roof to save money. Do NOT hire a roofing contractor who suggests this because the roof overlay hides bad spots and voids the mfg warranty.

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How to pay for a replacement roof?

A great option for financing your roof replacement is a home equity loan.

A credit union may offer special rates for home improvements. Shop around and find the best rates.

A trusted roof contractor has relationships with lenders. If you qualify we can extend these low rates:

  • As low as $99 monthly
  • 9.99% for 120  months
  • 0% interest for 15 months 

DONT USE YOUR credit card - we have affordable and easy lending options. (see more)

Are architectural shingles worth it? 

Between their greater curb appeal, longer warranty (UP TO 50 YEARS), improved home resale value, wind resistance, and impact durability, architectural shingles are undeniably a superior product.

Plus they cost less than metal and slate, yet have similar performance.

How long does it take to replace a roof?

Roof replacements usually take two days, but it depends on the complexity and size of the job. Sometimes roof companies arrive at 7am and can be 100% done before sundown during the summer.

The type of roofing material slows installation time. Metal and tile take longer to install compared to asphalt shingles or cedar shakes. Keep in mind that repairing hidden damage and improving the under-layment extends in the roofing project timeline.

How long do new roofs last?

The lifespan of a new roof depends on weather conditions, roofing material, and manufacture quality. Here is how long a new roof should last: 

  • Asphalt shingles: 20 to 50 years

  • Cedar shingles: 30 to 50 years

  • Metal: 45 to 75 years

  • Slate: 45 to 100 years

Do you need to replace gutters when you get a new roof? 

It’s a good idea to get new gutters with a new roof. BONUS: usually you can get a combo package and save.

But not all roofers offer seamless gutters. Be sure to ask your gutter repair pro for a quote.

Pricing is about $900 for a new gutter system. Now is the time to call a local contractor

Is it better to repair a roof or replace it?  

If you have issues like a leak or missing shingles, you may NOT need to replace your entire roof.

To decide between a repair or roof replacement, consider the age of the roof and the expected lifespan of its materials.

If there are still years left and the damage is new and limited to a small area, a repair may be possible. However, if the roof is old, extensively damaged, or repairs would violate building codes, it's better to invest in replacing the roof

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