Roofing Insurance

We know that accidents happen. You can’t plan everything in life. That’s why Treasure Valley Exteriors are your go-to insurance experts. We’ll handle everything for you so you don’t have anything more to worry about.

Our Process

We’ve perfected our 10-step process just for you!

  1. Inspection – We send over a trained field project manager for a FREE initial roof inspection and provide you with a clear analysis of our findings.
  2. File Insurance Claim – If there is enough damage for an insurance claim, you’ll complete the appropriate documentation to allow us to work with your insurance company and begin services. Our project manager will call and file the insurance claim with you and schedule an appointment with the insurance adjuster. We’ll even assist the homeowner in choosing a beautiful new color for your roof.
  3. Adjuster Meeting – One of our roofing specialists will meet with the insurance adjuster on your roof to assess and discuss the damages. It is very important that we are present for this portion as it can help to expedite the process. We make sure Idaho’s building codes and manufacturers’ specifications are all being adhered to.
  4. Paperwork and First Check – Once approved and processed by your insurance, the insurance company will send the homeowner settlement documents and an initial insurance claim payment. Then all you have to do is endorse the check and forward the documents to us so we can verify the damages have been fairly evaluated and accurately reported. The initial payment will be used to begin ordering materials in accordance with your specifications.
  5. Supplement Process – We work closely with your insurance adjuster to make sure all project specifications and roof components are properly accounted for and accurate to ensure that insurance covers all aspects of the roof replacement.
  6. Installation Begins – We schedule a time that is convenient for you to install your roof, minding the weather of course.
  7. Day of Install – Our roofers will arrive at the scheduled time to begin tear-off. Depending on the weather and specific job and/or labor requirements, installation usually takes between 1-4 days.
  8. Installation is Complete – Once the supplement process and installation are complete, you’ll receive a second check. This is the depreciation amount that is withheld until the work is complete.
  9. Final Inspection – We provide warranty paperwork and a final walkthrough with you to make sure everything is up to the highest standards. At this time, we’ll collect payment of your deductible, any upgrade if applicable, and the depreciation check for your final payment.
  10. Enjoy your new Roof – Now it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy your new roof!

Find out if you qualify for a new roof today.

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