Replacement Roofing Is Our Specialty

At Treasure Valley Exteriors, we offer all types of affordable roofing options for the Boise metro area. We offer and install major asphalt shingle brands. We also install Ribbed Steel Roofing Systems. Additionally, our truly special offering is the Boral™ Stone Coated Steel Roofing system that looks like Real Tile or Cedar Shake roofing. These systems have a huge benefit list for consumers, such as energy efficiency, an expected 100-year lifetime, and tremendous curb appeal. The Boral Stone Coated Steel System has the BEST WARRANTY in the business.

Roof Repair or replacement

Our qualified consultants can help you assess the condition of your roof. We help you determine if a roof repair or a full roof replacement is the best option for your situation. Typically, we will perform a detailed inspection of your roof, discuss your roof’s condition with digital photos, and provide you with a written quote while on the premises. We replace and repair all types of roofing and can also offer you affordable options such as a “layover” where allowed by code and manufacturer.

We will help you choose the material and the colors for what you are trying to accomplish. We are also storm damage and insurance experts. Please call us and let us consult with you at your convenience.

professional installation

Our installers are trained and certified by the roof system manufacturers to install their systems to the factory specifications. This provides Treasure Valley Exteriors customers with the best roofing installation possible and the best factory roof warranty scenarios. Our customers enjoy complete peace of mind that their roof was professionally installed and meets manufacturer warranty requirements. Contact us and let us show you!

Roof/Attic Ventilation

The proper amount of air circulation in your attic is important for several reasons:

  • Eliminate excess heat from the attic, preventing it from adding heat to your home’s interior, increasing cost and decreasing comfort
  • Cool the roof decking and shingles to preserve the full life and warranty of your shingles
  • Reduce the chance for condensation and mold development in colder months

Roofing Products

  • Asphalt Brands: Owen’s Corning, CertainTeed™, GAF and more
  • Ribbed Steel Roofing Systems; Primerib and Standing Seam
  • Boral™ Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Storm Damage Experts

Idaho gets its fair share of storms. Winter storm systems are common and arrive with strong winds and heavy snow. During warmer months, thunderstorms are frequent. Boise, Treasure Valley, and surrounding areas here in Idaho face powerful winds capable of causing massive storm damage.

Any time your home is hit with severe weather, it is a good idea to look around for signs of damage. Things to look for include:

  • Missing, cracked, or broken shingles
  • Debris on the roof
  • Leaks or stains

Some storms leave your home far more damaged and in need of immediate repairs. Treasure Valley Exteriors is a local Idaho business specializing in home exteriors. If you have storm damage, you probably want to get back to how things were before the storm.

As a full-service roofing contractor handling most home exterior services, our experts can quickly assess all of the damage to your home and get to work to set things right. We won’t just restore your home. We will make it better. Our quality work will leave you better prepared the next time we face bad weather. Contact us for a free estimate for storm damage services you can count on.

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