We Provide & Install Complete Siding Systems

At Treasure Valley Exteriors, we offer and install most types of siding available, including permanent, maintenance free options and hard siding options. We perform whole-house replacement as well as provide smaller repairs and replacement. Let us take a look at your issues, discuss the options available and give you a firm figure for the solution. We are the good guys, and we make it easy.

We have helped hundreds of homeowners in the greater Boise area improve, restore and beautify their home. We can also improve the energy efficiency and sanctity of your home by reducing noise. If you consider a maintenance free option such as Permanent Steel Siding or Vinyl Siding, we would be happy to consult with you on what the options, cost, and advantages of the available materials might be. By the way, did you know that Vinyl Siding is a GREEN (eco-friendly) product? It’s true, as it is made largely from common salt, which is highly available! Steel Siding is also eco-friendly, as it is 100% recyclable!

If you are interested in “hardboard” siding, we would look forward to explaining the options available and help you pick from available profiles, styles, and textures. Since we are the experts, we will provide this all to the detail level you desire. In the end, we will perform a flawless installation, per the manufacturer’s specifications and then, we will even paint the new siding for you!

So, having trouble with the siding on your home? Contact us! We are proud to serve Boise, ID, and the surrounding area.

Siding Repairs

We have the skills and material suppliers necessary to help you make a repair to your existing siding, whether it is a fibrous material like Tru-Wood™, the ever popular Masonite ™, or a real cedar profile, we can remove ONLY your dilapidated material, replace it with great looking new material, then paint the repair to match. We can even repair your vinyl siding without a complete replacement.

Siding Products

  • Hard Siding: Real Cedar, James Hardie™, and Tru-Wood™
  • Maintenance Free Siding: Steel Siding or Permanent Vinyl Siding
  • High-grade Siding: Alside™ and Mastic™
  • Mortar-less Stone: Insulstone™

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